Talons Philosophy

An Open Online Highschool Philosophy Course


Application of The Theory

  • Concentration is conducive to a positive aesthetic experience
  • The level on which the aesthetic experience occurs is immediate and personal, not distant
  • A positive aesthetic experience is not helped by questioning the purpose of the experience or activity
  • When you are too busy focusing on the reason why you are doing something, the enjoyment and beauty is taken away from your aesthetic experience
  • Perhaps the point is to concentrate, to live and work in those environments in which we concentrate best, and to not begin to ask, “What is the use of this concentration?” because it is in concentration that we find the mental state that we want.
  • Certain environments and certain stimuli are more conducive to getting our “attention centered on our activity”
  • Positive Aesthetic experience can be had, simply by focusing on input from our external environment
  • We should live and work in the environment in which we concentrate best
  • We create our own personally tailored experience, by singing, imagining, moving, and playing

Questions for Discussion:

Why wouldn’t questioning the purpose be beneficial for a positive aesthetic experience?

Could having a blank mind limit our levels of concentration?

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