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Difference in Illusion



When I take a photo I “shoot for post” meaning I capture the image in such a way that will give me the most flexibility in editing it later. Once on my laptop I can change said photo¬†into any of the following: a normal pic anyone could take; a nice soft well-lit pic you might see in a wedding album; a dark, grainy, high-contrast image that jumps out at you with unnaturally piercing eyes, something that can only be described as objet d’art (my preferred choice of course); or maybe a black & white image mimicking my film photography. The possibilities are endless, but it was the same image in the beginning.

This just proves how subjective art and, in turn, aesthetics really is. From the same experience, everyone gets something entirely different in the end. Maybe even the same person gets something different from it each time. I like to use Monty Python’s The Holy Grail as an example. You laugh at something new every time you watch it. It was always there, but you focused in on a different aspect, a different image. This time you hear another joke, or saw the dalek in the background. Who knows! Your experience is yours.





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