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Paper Stars and Other Aesthetically Pleasing Things

So my topic was based on aesthetic experiences, and I wanted to talk about the shift between negative experiences and positive ones.

So consider this a long, extended metaphor. My idea of a negative aesthetic experience will take the form of,



Hopefully you’ll recognize these papers, and if not, then simply take in the black and white,¬†thesis-esque layout of the document. Personally (and I’m not holding anything against the writers or producers or anyone), I dislike this layout. So, to continue on with my metaphor, I decided to do something with my ironic Aesthetics package, and that thing is to make this:

Kusudama Paper Flowers via craftuts.com



So these flowers are actually supposed to be turned into a ball, which looks like this:

Kusudama Paper Flower Ball

But I just stayed at one flower.

I also made an abundance of little paper stars which are unbearably cute so there is that:



Anyway, what is this all leading up to?

To me, the idea that a negative aesthetic experience could become a positive one is interesting, but I don’t think it’s impossible in any way. There are infinite amounts of stories of people who talk about how embarrassing events made them into better people, and seeing as our class agreed that embarrassment was an emotion that is considered a negative experience for everyone, it isn’t hard to see how a negative experience can become a positive one.

So can negative aesthetic experiences become positive ones?

Perhaps not all can, if we assume that every negative experience has to do with aesthetics, but I think that there’s always the possibility to turn a negative into a positive.


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