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What is art?
Both art and photography are aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. Some view art more pleasing as photography and vice versa.
With art in the form of paintings, the aesthetic factor is how long it took the artist to do this work and the details one has when they drew it. Other artists have a different aesthetic look to another painting due to the ability to apply their own knowledge of art to an already drawn canvas.

While people such as myself crave the feel of being able to capture something that is already in this world in the components of a lens.While others find the idea of putting something that never exists (ie you may have drawn a flower similar to ones you have seen, but they are not the same flowers). As said in a discussion we had before the break.

For me I find this more aesthetically pleasing:

2013 Summer Photo-Alyssa Raco

2013 Summer Photo-Alyssa Raco

More appealing than:



However, this is completely bias due to the fact that this suites my own appeal.


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