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Reassess State terrorism


As most of us know, this image not only symbolized  the repentance for the holocaust which Nazi Germany committed to the Jews during the Second World War, but also a faithful gesture in recognition that Nazism which can be interpreted as a form of state terrorism should never be recommitted.

Dec 7, 1970

Warschauer Kniefall

Warschauer Kniefall

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, communist China have been executing hundreds and millions of civilians regardless of whether they were guilty(politically categorized) or not (Records indicated most of them were innocent citizens) simply by a cause of domestic political struggle, which was initiated deliberately to establish totalitarianism and grip the populations’ thoughts.

The issue: In what ways should we assess state terrorism?

Unify and we shall gain greater victory-propaganda during the period of state terrorism

Unify and we shall gain greater victory-propaganda during the period of state terrorism

Even though the interpretation to state terrorism still remained arguable, it generally refers to acts of terrorism conducted by a state against a foreign state or people, or against its own people. After the second Chinese civil war, the red government has been constantly exterminating the remaining “capitalism” elements across the country and initiated varies political movement related to the similar causes. Tragically, these events were “misconducted(According to the official)”, then led to numerous falsely-judged cases of death which, were intentional set-ups applied by opposite parties for the cause of total extermination. Additionally, the great leap forward (approx. 32.458mil died of unnatural cause) enhanced the gravity of these events, political struggle expand and deepened horribly. Added by such premises, the Cultural Revolution was launched in the name of class conflict, which again, inevitably led to 7 mil death (Mostly tortured, executed in an organized fashion and committed suicide systemically).

“Domestic economy is at the edge of complete destruction”

-General Lin, the appointed predecessor of Mao, Committed high treason afterwards

Kids were educated to follow their leader and pursue communism at all cost

Kids were educated to follow their leader and pursue communism at all cost

Categorical imperative:

It would not be hard to imagine Kant striving to object for such crimes against human rights due to the fact that categorical imperative recognizes these actions with no doubt unjustifiable. Based on a morality point of view, legally, authorities’ duties were meant to administer the society and protect its citizens’ rights and freedom rather than sabotaging it by exploiting their advantages that eventually turned into organized massacre. Morally destructed and mentally brain-washed, every single individual was too overwhelmed and literally unconscious to consider the ethic as their standard of behavior, which also ended up unpleasantly.


Clearly there is no such need to claim “Maximum happiness” in such tragedies; nonetheless, maximum depression should be taken into account to a fair assessment. Judging by its consequences, which included mass destruction of cultural heritage (still remain uncountable), capital punishments without legal procedure, total suspension of educational institution, deprivation of all civil rights and freedom etc. Generally, the consequences result from state terrorism that did no more good than harm in a sense of totally brutalized humanity.

How can it be addressed?

Theoretically, such incidence should be officially addressed by the authorities unconditionally, authentically and respectfully in order to encourage the citizens to realize the impulsiveness their nation once possessed. Moreover, for the sake of the death which, supposedly deserve to be remembered and honored. Since it is still a delicate matter to be exposed to the public even though its righteous to do so according to both theories, plus the confession may lead to the doubt of the legitimacy of CPC ‘s (Communist Party of China) rule, the official recognition has not been addressed yet.

Regardless of the authorities’ attitude, analyze based on a personal perspective, even if tragedies like those are almost impossible to occur, we as citizens should commit to the goal of evolving the social mechanism to improve the condition of our rights and freedom from tyranny based on a solid foundation of justice system. In addition to that, awareness of the logic is demanded to pursue such goal for a acceptable and reasonable outcome that will be provided to the public eventually through multiple approaches.

“Everything was fake other than the struggle for power”

-Chiang Kai-shek, president of the republic of China, commented after the cultural revolution


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