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Tara and Aileen Hate Public Transit

Does she look comfortable?

Does she look comfortable?

This was a topic that led a large debate in our classroom, and it is apparent that it is a very large and important ethical issue that needs to be discussed further.


Basic fear of every women.

Today we live in the twenty-first century, and women don’t feel safe (We’ve developed as a society so much, yet we still haven’t been able to find a solution to a problem that effects about 50% of our population). From a glance, you might initially think this whole idea is preposterous. But if you are a women yourself, you would understand the fear that goes through ones mind when walking down a dark street during the evening time, or even just simply taking the bus to get home after a tiring day of school. This is an overbearing feeling that comes along with the oppression given to us simply just because we are females. Rather then walking down the street with a sense of freedom and independence which is something we are ensured to have just by living in Canada, we’re given a crippling weight on our shoulders that translates to “every man I see is out to get me”. Sounds a tad irrational right?

With statistics like “51% of all Canadian women have experienced at least one incident of sexual or physical violence”, it’s kind of difficult not to feel this way.

A women wrote a blog post about her own personal view of the topic, you can read that here.

Being safe is a factor needed to live a “just life”. This is something everyone can agree with, and a feeling that is fundamental to live you’re life in a happy, and at the least a decent manner. Unfortunately, due to a certain minority of men who feel like they have the right to degrade women in a way that makes them feel unsafe and uncomfortable, this factor of living is taken away from many women and therefor they’re restricted from achieving a “just life”. In a way, you could view it as men using women as a means to achieve there ends (you can use you imagination to determine what those ends might be). Living with a mind set like this and feeling llike you have any right or obligation to restrist someone from achieving a “just life”, or honestly, just to make somone feel bad in any way, is immoral and unethical. Ratehr then these men striving for their own happiness at the price of somone else’s, they should aim to maximize the happiness on earth and create the most positive results; ig. Utilitarianism.

Really, this isn’t about femisnsin and women’s rights (well it is, but its more then that). It’s more so that everyone should be allowed to have fundamental rights and live happily and without the fear of being in harm on a daily basis. This certain subject of opression effects many woman, especially people whom you are close to, which makes it far more relatable and personal. If everyone on earth treated each other equally, then maybe this problem would be solved. But what are the odds of that every happening?

By Aileen and Tara


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