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contemplations on the nature of existence

Where do we come from? Why are we here? How can we be here? What is here and where did here come from? Where did anything come from? did it come from anywhere? Could it come from somewhere? If it came from somewhere then where did there come from?

We base our lives and our interactions with and observations of the world on the basic principles of cause and effect. But the mere existence of existence refutes this seemingly impenetrable principle. For how can existence exist without a cause? how can any of this exist without a cause? What caused it? has it simply always been here? Its believed that the universe began with the big bang but existence permeates more than just the universe. What caused the big bang then? If you believe in God then what created God? the Existence of Existence outside of the realm of cause and effect implies a closed circuit running on an infinite loop, that has simply always been here but how can that circuit exist Without being caused?

An equally as important, if not more important question i believe would be, how could existence not exist? For what would there be if not existence? Nothingness? But what is nothing without something? what is nothing without existence? Would there simply be empty space? But what is space without existence?

The only thing i find more incomprehensible than the Existence of Existence, is non-ex-existence.


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