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A Nihilistic Approach for a Positive Aesthetic Experience

the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.

This is the block of text someone is greeted with when they Google ‘Nihilism’. The basic principle of nihilism is that people believe that life has no objective meaning or purpose. But I am going to explore how even a nihilistic person can find meaning and find their ‘genius’ and have a positive aesthetic experience.

Nihilism argues that life has no objective meaning or purpose and while quite a vast sum of the population feels this way they still manage to escape their reality and experience a positive aesthetic experience because anyone can be influenced to find their ‘genius’ to maintain a certain level of happiness.

Me, I’ve found a positive aesthetic experience through photography. When I’m in nature, i feel one with the environment and every qualm and quarrel I’ve had with myself and others just seem to disappear; and it’s absolutely beautiful. I try to capture the moment with my camera, and no matter how stunning the photo looks, or how positive the compliments I receive on the photo are, I never feel as if I’ve captured the moment properly thus driving me further into a trance of perfecting the skill and learning new techniques, giving life a little bit more purpose.


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