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Philosophy Finally

Philosophy is the means which humanity uses to find meaning.

My response to the question of “What is Philosophy?” has changed as I have learnt more about the different branches of philosophy, and how they relate to our daily lives. I previously used to think that philosophy was reserved exclusively for those who were prosperous to have enough time on their hands to philosophize, and not for the masses. Now, I hold the view that philosophy is for the whole of humanity, no matter what their age, race, gender, or religion. I now also understand that philosophy will exist as long as humanity continues to have curiosity and the thirst to seek answers.

To show evidence of my learning, I have written my blog posts on the topics of epistemology and aesthetics. While writing my Personal Theory of Knowledge, I felt that my learning became a cohesive whole that I could explain in a clear manner. For my Aesthetics blog post, I was able to connect with the topic; therefore my response was insightful even though it utilized simple concepts.

In addition, I felt that my various discussions with my dad about the topics we explored in class aided my understanding of the topics. We discussed how these areas of philosophy affect society, as well as conspiracy theories that question mainstream society and its tacit acceptance of certain events.

After having taken this course, I am proud of my newfound ability to view issues through the lenses of different philosophers. I have sometimes found viewing contentious issues or ideas through different perspectives difficult, but now I find that this skill comes more easily to me now. Our blog post on Ethics encouraged me to practice this skill, and now I feel that I will be able to more clearly articulate both sides of an argument.

I would improve my ability to participate in discussions, and to think on my feet more quickly. I found that my inability to do so hindered my participation in discussions this semester. I will continue to work on this skill in order to enhance my participation and engagement in courses similar to this in the future.

In the near future, I foresee myself engaging in maintaining my philosophical construct, and having thoughtful debates with others about philosophy. I wish to continue engaging in philosophy at a personal level, instead of taking formal classes, because I prefer a less structured approach.

I will apply my knowledge that I have gained from this class by striving to be the enlightened individual that my peers look to for advice. It will be useful in discussions where I wish to be viewed as the urbane individual who is knowledgeable in such things, and free thinking.


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