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What is Philosophy?

Dictionary Series - Philosophy: philosophyAt the beginning of the course I felt that philosophy was composed of two main ideas- questioning and challenging. However, I’ve come to the decision that in order to fully form my opinions and develop my ideas about philosophical topics I must question, challenge, and gain a different perspective from others.


Philosophy allows us to question reality, existence, truths about ourselves, and the world around us.


Challenging our own ideas about reality, existence, truths about ourselves, and the world around us allows us to expand these ideas within ourselves.

Gaining perspective:

This is where my new understanding and opinions on philosophy come into play. I’ve expanded my learning to include gaining perspective and understanding. 

I’ve come to learn that although our opinions may seem to be solidified, gaining a new perspective from others who may be able to challenge or prove our ideas wrong, is beneficial in that without the contribution from others our ideas cannot be expanded in the same way.

philosophy (1)

Gaining perspective is, in a sense, just like being freed from Plato’s cave in that you are forced to see something you couldn’t before.


It is simple to form ideas about philosophical topics, however, understanding and being able to share these ideas with others is what makes the search for answers worthwhile. Being able to inform others and receive feedback on your ideas is what makes fully understanding and being able to transfer your ideas to others so difficult.

Philosophy 12 has helped me develop my skills in being able to translate my ideas into words. I felt that most of my learning and growth came in the form of blog posts. I work best when I am able to organize my thoughts, so the blog was the perfect place for me to do that. I am most proud of my solipsism post where I talked about the idea that the only thing that is sure to exist is one’s mind as I have been able to further develop my knowledge on this topic in other classes. Moving forward, I am going to continue to work on my skills in translating my ideas to words by considering many perspectives when coming to a conclusion.


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