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What is Philosophy? Final

Looking back at the “David” from five months ago I can easily say I was a much more ignorant individual than I am now. Like the majority of us, I also believed philosophy was the study of white guys with “white beards”, but from the start of the semester my assumptions were wrong. Instead of “talking about our feelings” we dealt deep into

Initially, my idea of philosophy had to do with questions. I believed philosophy was the series of questions humans use in order to answer the unanswerable; because you cannot have an answer without a question. Although this is true, I soon realized that much of philosophy wasn’t the answering of the question, but actually the process of answering the question. A process in which you would leave with more questions than you had before, and so on and so forth.  I was pretty satisfied with this answer I created for myself. As a result, I was very unsure of how my answer would differ compared to the one at the end of the semester, but it is quite astonishing that indeed it changed.

Although my views have not altered completely, and I do in fact still agree with the “david of the past” I think there is a deeper meaning to all of this. To me philosophy has shifted into a more complicated way of trying to understand the world around me. Similarly to solipsism, our views on the world are unique to every single one of us, and the journey we have as an individual in order to understand our own version of the universe through questions, experiences, and the people around us is what I think philosophy is. I also believe that every person’s subjective philosophy becomes a means to help every other individual achieve their philosophy. A process that takes a lifetime, and stays alive after we die. For example, the philosophies of well-known philosophers live on and help us become wiser individuals.

Overall this course has been extremely interesting and enjoyable. It was not what I was expecting, and it definitively surpassed my expectations, as it rose to being on of my favorite of my high school career. The unique way of teaching through discussions and blog posts has proved efficient while very fun. And I think Mr.Jackson did a wonderful job of organizing this entire course. Thank you everyone that made it an enjoyable part of my semester! :)



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