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what a save by the keeper!

interest plays a huge role in how we have aesthetic experiences; you have to have an interest in the source of the positive aesthetic experience for it to give that “good feeling.” this also applies to a plain old  aesthetic experience not a pleasing one) as well, if you are disinterested in the source will not be a positive aesthetic experience, just a aesthetic one.

for example i am interested in sports, specifically soccer. Whenever i see my favourite goalie, Manuel Neuer, make an absolutely beautiful (by my definition) save, I look a crazy person for leaping out of my seat screaming at the TV “YEAH!” with my arms in the air, also it will be the only thing replaying in my head for the rest of the day. Now to a normal person they honestly could probably care less if some another human-being stopped a sphere from entering the back of a net, but they may find the movie trailer at the commercial break so capacitively that they absolutely need to see this movie, where as i may be say “meh, it looks okay i guess.”

its all about your interests, but then the question might be “Why does interest you?”




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