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Serendipitous Philosophy

So I’m talking to a friend about philosophy, just joking around when something crazy happens. It went like this:


Me: what really exists
Friend: who knows. I just wanna be able to walk through walls
Me: If you don’t think walls exist try running through it
Friend: there’s also doors
Friend: but do they exist?
Me: maybe we just perceive them to exist
Friend: and some people don’t perceive them
Me: which is why they feel claustrophobic
Friend: how?
Me: because they feel trapped
Friend: or they don’t have limits
Me: or the limits are too great to perceive
Friend: or too small

As we were messing around I realized we had somehow captured the essence of philosophy. We were asking questions, thinking outside of the box (or is it “box”), and piecing things together. But most importantly we were discussing perception about our world. Maybe doors are symbols for freedom or a way to escape and claustrophobic people have limits set different then the average people. Which reminds me of an article that really got me thinking.

Maybe colour blind people see the world how it truly is and the average person sees these things we call “colour”. Does color even exist?

I enjoyed how relatable and relevant colours are, but I was excited to discover that I can use philosophical thinking to have fun and joke around. I don’t have to solve great mysteries or live in solidarity for years to be philosophical. I just have to ask questions about life and the way things show up through my eyes.

And while philosophy is a deep topic, you don’t have to swim to the bottom of the ocean to find it.


2 Responses to Serendipitous Philosophy

  1. vanessaf says:

    The conversation between you and your friend is very interesting. Does a living being have to perceive something for it to truly exist? Can something exist if nothing confirms it’s existence? Looking forward to hearing your views on what philosophy is.

  2. Cassidy says:

    Well if we truly believe or perceive something that doesnt exist, nothing can change our stubborn minds into seeing otherwise. We will believe what makes sense to us and others opinions probably arent strong enough to change anything we TRULY believe.


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