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Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?

Hello I’m Claire. I also respond to Cluur, C-laire or Carlsen. I’m 17 years old and relatively uninteresting. I have a job and a total of like 4 friends, but that’s all I really need. I am a simple being. Simple, the polar opposite of this subject.
Philosophy is so much cooler than I am.
To be honest, I don’t understand most things because I’m Claire but that’s okay. Is that philosophical? Probably? Isn’t everything? (It’s too early for this I know I’m sorry.)
The subject, to me personally, reflects the knowledge of truth, perception and it allows us to understand and learn more about true simplicity. I’m eager to converse and debate with fellow students about subjects that potentially could go on forever, and to learn the opinions of others on matters that I may not have an opinion on, as well as ones that I feel very strongly towards. I believe philosophy is found everywhere, in absolutely everything we do, there is potential to think beyond the limits and grasp a deeper understanding. In philosophy, you don’t need to understand all the time; just having the “what if?” state of thought allows you to philosophize.

In this article, author Rebecca Newberger Goldstein states that human beings “[are] not a thing in the world the way there are other things in the world, [they’re] the thing experiencing other things.” This statement makes me wonder if Socrates was right- is the unexamined life worth living? Would life truly be worse than dying if we did not have the ability to examine other parts of life? The issue, which I find unbelievably frustrating, is that we may never know. Whether the technology is developed or not, it most likely won’t even be in my lifetime. Maybe they can bring me back to life one day so my questions could be answered.
Probably not. I’m not that important. I can dream, though.

In class we read the article “Love, wisdom and wonder; three reasons to celebrate philosophy” by Matthew Beard. Though I do agree, love, wisdom and wonder are definitely good reasons to explore the unreasonable depth of what lies beyond reality (whoa), I think that, like morals and values, reasons for adventuring to the philosophical part of your brain changes from person to person. Some people think its just plain silly to imagine what we can’t understand. I, personally, enjoy blowing my own mind.

I’m so all over the place in this how did I manage to pass English 12 I have no sense of organization so sry pls 4give <3







On a side note, Philosophy may be important but I realized this year I’m completely and utterly smitten with Catherine Sutherland. Without a doubt she’s amazing with perfect sense of humor and Dana totally agrees in my realization in life. Philosophy isn’t just questioning what could be, but to realize true love. (okay Cat whatever you say)


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