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Journey to the center of Philosophy

Greetings Philosophy 12 class. There are many things I can say about my first impressions of this class, like FINALLY JESUS IS MY TEACHER or Am I going to become a poet now too…? :))))

***(To see the answer to my poet question stay tuned for future posts!)

Here is a little about myself first of all;

  • My name is Amy Salvador
  • Im sometimes artistic
  • Im in grade 12 but I feel like in in grade 5

What I have learned so far in these first tender weeks of school is that philosophy is much more than what we will be able to understand in one semesterlaying down guy.

During my reading of “Talk With Me” by Nigel Warburton I was intrigued by the way that he broke down how philosophical discoveries are founded. It made me think about how true it is that every person who you think off as “philosophical” is sort of  quiet and reserved.

My hopes for this class are, that even though I’m not typically defined as a reserved person, that I can find within myself some form of deep thinker. By reflecting upon my values I can hopefully reflect upon what  personally I think life is about.

The second part of Warburtons essay was that philosophy is actually derived from intelligent conversation. PERFECT! I can speak with others about all my overflowing curiosities!

A quote that really resonated with me from Warburton sums up what made my want to be in philosophy 12 and what my first impressions of it were;

“Western philosophy has its origins in conversation, in face-to-face discussions about reality, our place in the cosmos, and how we should live. It began with a sense of mystery, wonder, and confusion, and the powerful desire to get beyond mere appearances to find truth or, if not that, at least some kind of wisdom or balance.”


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