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Like a new dialect to some.

Philosophy has always been a part of how I explained things I couldn’t understand but it’s been difficult to make others who haven’t connected to philosophy to think on the same page, like a new dialect.

For example,
How the conversation WOULD go:
Friend A: Catherine, what are you thinking about?
Me: Just wondering what has happened, what we’re doing now, and what will happen. Everything and Nothing. It is infinite.
Friend A: what.

Really though, Philosophy is just another perspective on life, a perspective of thoughts and questions that cannot be answered by a simple yes or no. Not only does that just make it more desirable to learn and comprehend, but it makes you realize things are the way they are whether you like it or not. I’ve always hated not knowing the answer to something and wouldn’t be able to let it go at times and, sadly with philosophy, it’s a dead end every time with no right answer. This is something I’ve had to accept. I’ve also learned new ways to approach things in life.

Without different perspectives, philosophy with Jackson wouldn’t be as fabulous.

Whether or not we agree with certain opinions created by morals and realism, we cannot help but speak out and share our different views on things. How we share these thoughts determine how we understand philosophy. To express your perspective without expecting to ‘win’ the debate represents a true philosopher seeking knowledge.


One Response to Like a new dialect to some.

  1. Samson says:

    When we talk about different views, how far do you think we as philosophers can even go with our opinions and shutting down others? It’s like that article on women in philosophy, and how they like to bash the presenter until they buckle under the pressure. Do we as a group want to do that, or should we be more supportive of our budding philosophical minds?


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