Talons Philosophy

An Open Online Highschool Philosophy Course


this class is grrrrrrr8 m8. i r8 it 8/8

Philosophy has been an interesting class so far. I think philosophy is a very interesting class. Before I joined philosophy, I had no idea about what it was. I now have some understanding on what philosophy is about, but I wish to know a lot more by the end of this semester. I think the most interesting topic we talked about so far is about if colour was real. The topic made me really think hard and reminded me of a video I saw on youtube. The video was by Vsauce and was titled “Is your red the same as my red?” We can never know if people see the same colours as everyone else. Someone might see a colour and call it red and to them it is red, because they’ve seen it as red their entire lives. Another person would call that colour red too, but that colour would be another colour in someone elses eyes.Inverted_qualia_of_colour_strawberry


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