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To Live is to Think

Hola, my name is Brianna but my friends call me Brie, yes that”s also how i like to spell it (just like the cheese) Please do not call me Brianne because its one of my pet peeves. There is an A on the end I dont get why people cant see it! I love my family and friends a lot. I have already learned a lot this year and I’m excited to learn more.

Trying to describe philosophy is like trying to describe a specific color to someone, which recently I found out doesn’t even exist! Thinking philosophically scares me because it comes from curiosity, which is based off thoughts not facts, it makes me question my morals and what I believe to be true. Our minds are a scary place for example the thought that we are all apart of a computer stimulation or what is going to happen after we die. This frustrates me because they are questions that we may never find an answer to.

Trying to find a particular answer on defining philosophy is never going to happen because someone else’s view on philosophy could be completely different than the others, but I believe it to be just a science without the facts.

Back to colors not existing, we discussed the writing of Malcom Harris’s “Does Color Even Exist” in class and I believe that color has to exist because without it how could have our race and other living organisms survived. Color plays an important role in the world we live in. It can change your mood, cause reactions, irritate or soothe your eyes and sway thinking. Color can even quench appetite. Color is an irreplaceable form of communication. Red and green are a universal way we use to say stop and go.

Calvin asks why photos were in black and white and his dad responds with because the world used to be in black and white. But Calvin wonders how there were paintings if there was no color. Answering again “a lot of great artists were insane”. What is insanity though? We perceive it to be when someone isn’t doing the norm of society and that makes them insane. Insanity is ultimately dropping this act of what we perceive as reality. Calvin speaks “the world is a complicated place” and I agree, he is confused as to why color doesn’t exist just like me. I have learned so far that we all just have to keep an open mind because for all we know there is something else but we’ve engrossed ourselves in this place so much we’ve lost sight of whatever that may be.


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