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Call me Mel. Melody is too much of a mouthful, I can’t even say my own name properly without cringing.
I like video games, but that phrase has been rendered meaningless in the contemporary world, because who doesn’t play video games. Even fetuses in a womb play video games. I also draw, for money and for free (mostly for money because I’m broke and the motivation helps me). I’m thinking of starting a web comic in the near future if my parents don’t force me to get a job. But I do want to work at the same time, because I need money and a steady income to buy
Star Wars™ merchandise. Also for post secondary. My parents aren’t paying for all of that. (By the way, as well as Samson, I am a walking meme).

Maybe if I keep rambling I’ll reach thDOOT DOOTe required word count??? Writing is hard for me when the topic is so vague.

Now speaking of the topic: on to the subject at hand; Mr. Jackson asked “What is philosophy?” Honestly, I am not sure. Is it just talking about topics in depth, and getting so in depth that your head starts hurting? Or is it a pleasant conversation that comes up at lunch time and suddenly your thoughts are branching off into hundreds of different subjects? Like boys? Makeup? Cars? The best way to hit someone with considerable force on the head without causing permanent neurological and psychological damage? Or maybe, it’s a way to pass the time, and a way to understand the world and your life more clearly. To philosophize, in a general statement, is to “. . .study [the] fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline”.

I love to think about life and the nature of things in depth. The discussion we had earlier in class this week about the article, “Does Color Even Exist?“, was very intriguing. We were able to take one simple? topic and generate many ideas, theories and concepts. If color doesn’t exist then how do cameras capture it? Or do cameras capture the black and white, and then our brains imagine the color because who wants to live in a world of black and white? Do the minds of people refuse to see a dull world so much, that from the beginning of mankind we’ve forced to imagine up hues and shades- WHAT IF COLOR IS JUST SOMETHING WE’VE MADE UP?? WAIT. IT IS SOMETHING WE’VE MADE UP. WHAT THE HELL IS A YELLOW–

“Color hovers uneasily between the subjective world of sensation and the objective world of fact.”

I wish we had more debate time, I had just started getting into a heated conversation. I’ll flip a table next time to prove my arguments.

In my respectful opinion philosophy is more composed of speaking and holding a debate between a pair or a group of people, than writing. Of course, writing makes it easier to access ideas and keep track of the different thoughts, but speech takes one idea and holds it up within the group, a simple shape floating in the air, and the rest of the group bends it and shapes it and stretches it so it is a mixture of thoughts and ideas and it grows as more people add to it. Talking is an important element – a vital aspect, of circulating ideas throughout a society, and ideas are heard and reinforced more often through word of mouth, than when written on paper.

TL;DR (even though its not that long), what if we’re actually all in comas and what we’re living in now is just a computer generated dream and Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Connor are fighting off Skynet.





  1. Samson says:


    Us in debates.


    Also I for one appreciate the idea that the reason the world ain’t so good atm is that some loser playing the Sims has taken away our metaphorical ladder and we’re all just trying to deal with that.


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