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Which Rice Are You?

“…philosophy begins when we wonder about something. It is – like every intellectual discipline – a way of asking questions about the nature of things. In this way, philosophy is born of the very basic human disposition toward asking questions.” -Matthew Beard

I have always been sensitive to emotion, mine as well as others. In the article we read in class, Love, Wisdom and Wonder: Three Reasons to Celebrate Philosophy by Matthew Beard, I was reminded of a concept I was recently introduced to. An experiment done by a Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, which shows that our words have a greater effect than we realize.

The concept is simple: three jars with rice covered water are each treated with different human sentiments. The video bellow explains and demonstrates the results of this experiment.

Now, how does this relate to philosophy?

Philosophy is commonly known as the essence and wisdome of how society perceives reality. This reality, in my opinion, needs to be shifted towards a more conscience effort to be aware of the phycological and physiological damage that one can experience. As per the aforementioned quote above, the wonder of how our language and actions can cause others to essentially become “mouldy rice” is my question. The power of positivity can create a loving safe environment that is open to being interrupted by those in the spotlight. There is the query of how can we shift the spotlight to also see the ignored and those who perceive themselves as being hated.

Our individual perceptions are key to when we are interacting with one another. If we have what we believe to be a positive connection with someone, we are able to improve our confidence. If we believe to have a negative connection with someone, we are able to destroy our own confidence. If we believe that another individual is being ignorant of our opinions, emotions or beliefs, we become bitter and resentful. This resent causes us to become “mouldy”.

Nonetheless, I believe that if society is able to see the consequences of how others may perceive their action, more positivity can be spread through the process of love and gratitude. This is a perception I hope Philosophy 12 will help me comprehend.

So, which rice are you?

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