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Hello world, internet, classmates and Mr. Jackson! I’m Kimya and to me philosophy is a mix of intresting question, thoughts and confusion… alot of confusion and clustered thoughts. When I think about questions, for example; Does color even exist? It’s as if a tiny person in my head if rummaging through millions of files trying to find those couple thoughts that tie into eachother to explain what could be the most appropiate answer to a question nearly impossible to solve. Making connections between those thoughts to create new ideas that question every solution you thought you just found. It’s like trying to fit peices from two different puzzles together, some pieces might fit by chance but for the most part you can’t complete the puzzle!

As John Campbell said:

“Philosophy is thinking in slow motion.”

Philosophy really is us slowing down and really taking our time to think about what is really going on instead of rushing through life not questioning a thing. In Does color even exist?, we took the time to question something that is the norm to us and my conclusion ended up being a little different than I started with once I decided to think about it in slow motion and see all the details. I believe color exists to an extent. We can all define a solid coloured object as the same colour name however, although we can all recognize a red rose as “red,” we might be seeing different shades of the colour through each persons set of eyes. I might define a different hue of red as “normal red” than the next person. Color exists in my head because say you look at a red rose in the day light and then the room turns pitch black and you can’t see anything, you may be able to explain how colour doesn’t exist because now the rose is supposedly black due to the lack of light. However, if you turn the light back on to the same brightness as before it is still red and the colour hasn’t changed. Therefore, i believe the object does posses that color,

Philosophy is also about perspective. Above I stated what my perspective was regarding the question: Does color exist? However, other people might have another way of approaching it. Philosophy requires you to be open to other opinions and be able to listen to other ideas with an open mind.in my opinion, if you aren’t open to other ideas, are you really open to the idea of philosophy in the first place? Just another opinion and another question.

On another note, I found a video while exploring YouTube about “Why We Need Philosophy?” and I thought I’d attach it. Tell me what you guys think & why you think we need philosophy!


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