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What even is Philosophy

So here is my introduction thing. My name is Kyle, and I am 17. I do not have a job so I’m kinda broke but who needs money anyways. So ya now that that’s done lets get right into it.

My first day of Philosophy 12 was the second week of school because I had to switch my classes and wasn’t able to switch until the end of the previous week. As soon as the second bell rang and Mr. Jackson talked a bit about what was going to happen and then we dove straight into discussions for the rest of the class. The two discussions that we talked about was why there are so few women philosophers and the other was Does Color Exist?. The discussion on whether color exists or not was a really eye opening topic and really made me think. It made me wonder what other crazy topics we might cover during the course of the semester. To even think about the concept of color and if its actually there or if its all in our mind is crazy to even think about.

Speaking of crazy topics, Can God Create a rock so big He can’t pick it up? is another eye opening and VERY controversial topic to talk about. I really hope that we tackle tough topics like this throughout the year because I believe they will create the best debates and discussions and will show the different sides and opinions on topics as big and controversial as this. I mean common, there have been wars because of topics like this, who knows what could happen in a classroom debate.

Before I wrap up my first post I would like to leave you with this quote:

You can be the smartest man or woman on the planet, but it means nothing if you don’t want to do anything with. Whether it is making the world a better place or using your intelligence for personal gain, you have to make the most of it.


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