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What is Philosophy??? -Arden

Once again I find myself here trying to answer the same question, What is philosophy??? It’s such a broad question and a question asked by so many for such a long time that the number of acceptable answers are almost endless. The only way I can think to explain what philosophy is, is to say that philosophy is like a child.

Children are typically known as quite open and accepting. They are very often able to see things simply or in black and white. This may be because they are very pure and uninfluenced by negativity. One of my friends once said this to me and at the time I didn’t quite get it.

“Children are at their purest when they’re young because they haven’t yet been exposed to all the opinions and influences in the world. Their minds are in an ultimate state of utopia where they haven’t been taught to hate. Openness and kindness come naturally as that’s what they are (hopefully) exposed to.”

Kids can add a great new perspective on views typically discussed in philosophy. To support this theory here is a video about a nine year old boy philosophizing about life and the universe. This video was actually posted here in a comment by GNA and i just thought it was great for this article.

Like kids, philosophy is a quite open and accepting study. Listening to different views, or finding as many different opinions and perspectives on certain topics as possible then finding some common ground to find what is the “true” answer. (In this article I am defining ‘true’ as the conclusion or  answer found in the discussion going on at the time. not necessarily the “correct” answer.)

Another thing that is great about kids is that they can come up with the most random ideas that can be passed off as just silly because they are ‘just kids’, but a lot of the time these ideas can be extremely wise and far beyond their years. Philosophy is similar, you can come up with all of these random ideas and theories and you aren’t considered crazy. In philosophy you have the same amount of freedom as a child, you can come up with the same bizarre theories and it is considered socially acceptable.

When a child grows they go from a small fragile being that needs to be supported and guided to an adult that can stand up for themselves and be independent. In philosophy your ideas grow in the same way; at first they need to defended in discussions and then as they mature they can stand on their own.

So I have decided that the question What is philosophy? is a question that cannot be answered. The only question that can be answered is What is philosophy at this point? because philosophy is an ever changing subject. Philosophy to me right now is like a child. The child grows like the ideas; philosophy is very open and random as are children. Tomorrow I might think something completely different and that is totally fine but for today this is what I believe.


Happy blogging everyone!

-Arden Nelson



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