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Philosophy is like a Painting

The proposal may directly make sense to many, but may not to everyone. It could be possible that art itself branched off from philosophy, just like many other studies; so, if that were the case, wouldn’t it be clear that a painting, being a process to art, is connected to philosophy? How is philosophy like a painting?

Firstly, An artist is a philosopher. This metaphor connects an artist to a philosopher in the following ways. An artists’ artistic idea is represented as philosopher’s philosophical question. The artist’s drawing on his paper is the philosopher thinking of an answer to his question. As the artist delves deep into his artwork, the philosopher delves deep into his thoughts.

A painting is worth a thousand words – Napoleon Bonaparte

Second, Like a philosophical opinion, a painting too can be shared. Much like when modern-day philosophers share philosophical opinions and questions through articles, newspapers, media groups, etc.; an artist shares his painting through art galleries, classrooms, the internet, etc. The painting can then be observed and critiqued; either individually, or by groups (just like philosophical matters). Individual and group opinions painting 1of paintings are formed differently. An individual opinion of a painting starts out with the individual’s observation of the painting. In his observation, questions are risen from the painting’s details, colours, shapes, etc. These questions are then thought, and then form ideas, and finally to their opinion of the painting. Philosophical questions that are thought of individually go through a similar process. A group opinion starts out with group members observing the painting, then questions are tossed and discussed, leading to ideas, and to discussions, and finally to the group opinion. Group philosophical groups also go through a similar process.

Lastly, every child is an artist and a philosopher. At a child’s young age; thoughts, opinions, and views are rapidly forming. Questions are constantly being asked. And paintings are constantly drawn. During a person’s childhood, their creativity is at its’ peak. Children are beginning to be thrown into the world and they have the energy and daily motivation to understand more, more and more. In this aspect children are excellent philosophers and artists, but also so much more.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

In conclusion, while in search for a good philosophical metaphor, I personally think a painting is amongst the best. There are many ways in which a painting could be connected to philosophy. Now if only we could get a painting day in this class…

Thank you for reading,

~ Alex


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