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Philosophy is like Rugby

In my opinion, philosophy is very relatable to rugby. The concept of two teams playing against each other translates to philosophical debates or other sciences against philosophy. There also is a camaraderie between rugby players, after a game, that allows friendships to form despite the jersey they wear, I think that this is also the same in regards to philosophy and their opposition.

Scrums represent the initial philosophical ideas that a philosopher has. There are various plays that are called to the scrum that inform others of what to do and what is going on, showing the importance of communication and teamwork within a network of philosophers. When the scrum is live and the two teams fight for the ball, I see it as the opportunity to fight for the philosophical idea.

Once the scrum is won and the ball is out, the opportunity to pass the ball presents itself. Passing the ball out, relates to sharing ideas with more individuals and getting input from others as there are various things that each player is capable of accomplishing.
Tackles are set backs and challenges that a philosopher may face when pondering an idea. Whilst they may hurt, they are inevitable and allow a greater perspective to be achieved. They are almost always followed by a ruck. When a ruck forms, it gives both teams a chance to either keep or steal the ball. If a ruck is won, then a challenge has been overcome.

The last piece of my allegory is scoring a try. Which in other sports would be a goal or a touch down. Scoring a try is having a break through and having another person understand your philosophical ideology. There is always a chance for the opposition to score a try but what matters the most is the score at the end of the day. Throughout history, philosophy has faced it’s challenges and developed over time, just as rugby has.


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