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Philosophy = Couch

In the very complicated equation that is my title, it states that philosophy is a couch.
Now you may not think these two ideas relate, but they do, and here is how:

  1. “Live Life Comfortably” – Lazyboy
    When couch-shopping, people often think of comfort as the number one condition their couch will need to have. We affiliate this cushioned chair as a place of rest or to feel relaxed. This is much like how humans want to feel when socializing. Philosophy is based on the principles of conversation and sharing ideas. If we do not feel comfortable to vocalize our opinions, then philosophy loses its meaning and appreciation.
    Lazyboy sums up the goals of philosophy pretty well – we should go through life seeking comfort. That can mean broadening our comfort zones and exploring new places while being free from judgement or discrimination.
  2. Personality
    Most couches are situated in a living room. And each couch is chosen to enhance or bring something intriguing to the space, but every one of us has a different style. Some will prefer the leather look while others will appreciate a more retro sofa. Each Philosopher in us has our own taste of philosophy. We could be really interested in space exploration or imagining the unseen. A great thing about philosophy is that we all look at it differently, a great example is  this project. With our own style comes a unique perspective into the equation that can enrich conversations and ideas.
  3. Function
    The cool thing about couches is how functional they actually are. We spend copious amounts of time using them to rest, relax, or entertain guests. They fill up space in a room and (hopefully) look pretty. The cool thing about philosophy is we all use it for a different purpose. Whether you are dying to discover the meaning of life or just trying to open up your mind to potential, we call this way of thinking “philosophy”. Its important to recognize that while your life’s work could be asking questions, my dream may be to think of the next best seller.


Philosophy is a couch because we need it to have comfort ability, personality, and function. Purpose and meaning give worth to the things we want to understand. With the diversity of both couches and philosophy, we as people are able to appreciate the opportunity of imagination.

You can philosophize the world right from your couch.






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