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Searching for an Oasis

Philosophy is similar to a desert. In the desert, one is alone in isolation and lost in their own thoughts. Comparable to the seemingly unending desert, wisdom and knowledge is vast as well.

Much like what is said in “Talk With Me,” philosophy needs to have interactions between viewpoints.

“Philosophy is an inherently social activity that thrives on the collision of viewpoints and rarely emerges from unchallenged interior monologue.”

But, if this is the case, how can one find the exit of the desert when one is all alone? The solution: camels.

Known for being very social, and for spitting on people when they feel threatened, they are a perfect example of the contrasting viewpoints of the philosopher – another philosopher. It is the clashing viewpoints from conversations, that eventually lead to a better understanding of a situation.

The sand in the desert represents the countless number questions asked. Each dune is made up of millions of grains of sand, and can be used to represent the big questions proposed in philosophy. Such as “Do we really exist?” and “What is the meaning of life?” 

New sand dunes can be formed by the winds, with smaller questions being resolved, it helps answer the larger ones. Sometimes, sand dunes aren’t changed completely, but may have grown or shrank a bit. This co-relates to when questions can be resolved, yet lead to more questions that have yet to be answered.


“One cannot conceive anything so strange and so implausible that it has not already been said by one philosopher or another” – René Descartes

This quote shows that philosophers have come up with all sorts of weird ideologies, that one shouldn’t be worried if a questions is “right” or “wrong” and should just get their ideas out.

An oasis is similar to the solutions that the philosophers
are searching/thirsting for. Often times, there can be hallucinations or a mirage of an oasis, like a philosopher with an assumption of an answer to a question. They may shove themselves into the supposed water/solution, yet find themselves empty handed. The final answer of questions are hard to determine, and are often mistaken with wrong information, and through multiple trials and errors, one may find the answer.

So, what is philosophy?

It is the desert that is filled with uncountable amounts of sand, where camels voyage to find an oasis.


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