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the door handle is the handshake of the building

Philosophy is like a door knob.

Each belongs to a different door, looks different, and leads to a different place, but they all do the same basic thing – they open a door. In my metaphor, the handle of the door is each individual question and each individuals opinion on a matter. What one see’s beyond the door is the answer, or philosophical gatherings of the person. What each person sees beyond the door depends on many different factors, like perception and place in life – it also is majorly what they want to see.

Doorknobs allow us to both open and close doors – revealing or ending a thought process or idea. No matter what someone sees, opening a door relates to philosophy in the way that everyone may have a different opinion of view but its all based on a similar open and philosophical mindset. Those who do not think openly prefer to stay behind the door, and not discover what lies beyond it.


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