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What is Philosophy? Philosophy is Space Exploration.

Recently, we had a project with the question, “What is Philosophy?” This is my script; I will provide a link to the Prezi presentation.


In this ever expanding universe, we humans have only managed to survive on Earth. Human knowledge is comparable with the amount of this universe we have managed to colonize. There are seemingly infinite amount of questions to every answer we may or may not find. The same can be said of philosophy. We use philosophy in an attempt to answer the questions we cannot answer with science, and to look at a scientific answers in a different manner.

Why is this video important and how does it relate to philosophy? Just as this video announces that our understanding of mars has changed, so can our ideas of philosophy.

So what is the similarities of space exploration and philosophy?

  1. Starting both events require large amounts of effort and preparation
  2. There is an acceptance that there will always be the chance that it will go wrong
  3. The path to finding the answers are many and complicated
  4. There is no ultimate end goals or a finishing line
  5. We search for things that we many not even be capable of understanding
  6. Every answer we find lead to even more questions
  7. The fact that our current knowledge seems so vast and yet in comparasion with the rest of the universe is so small.
  8. Most people in this planet can barely understand if at all of any of this study, yet we try to simplify it and make presumptions of it.
  9. We ignore, mock, devalue, and fight the progress of these studies.
  10. The studies we have can and will change as we find out more about the subject.
  11.  There are seemingly endless comparasions if an indivisual tries to make such comparasions.

Our desire for knowledge is like a blackhole; never to be completely satiated. Both activities require dedication, education, and an innate understanding of oneself in this world. The people who work in these areas will all have different ideas and opinions; after all, this is a blurry area of expertise, for there is no defined answer.

As I have said before, there is no clear goal nor ending in both subjects. It is perhaps that because there is so little boundaries or limits of what we can do with the subjects that we feel compelled to find those boundaries.

Of all the species thus far encountered, the humans are the only ones that have actively been able to understand its surroundings, to understand why the sun goes down in the west and rises in the east. To understand such a phenomenon, once can argue that in doing so, Human is looking for understanding of its own surroundings.

Despite that, we humans are barely understand the world we inhabit, for there are places in Earth that we don’t fully understand. Philosophy is the same; we almost know nothing, so can we even know what philosophy is?

Given its limited capabilities in the reals of cognitive science, Man as very little understanding of its own through process, and if we can barely comprehend our own selves, how could we even attempt to understand anything beyond it? There are questions out there that we cannot even comprehend, never mind answering them with any scientific method.

Those questions can be seen like a black box, where we cannot perceive, we are blind, as such, our traditional methods of science break down, prompting us to rely on an older, more primitive form of assessing the truth. Therefore, given the assumption that the human mind is incapable of answering these questions, would it be a stretch to state that man really knows anything?

After all, an answer without the question is useless as the reader will not comprehend the context, or will be able to assess the greater implication of the answer in the world.

To sum up what I have stated, I’d like to quote Socrates: “there is only one evil and that is ignorance, and there is only one good, and that is knowledge.”

His quote, if anything, signifies the current trend towards knowledge, but fails to grasp that in order to properly understand things, one needs to be able to understand the question.

Prezi Link Here.


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