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Men are (not) better than women in sports

I feel strongly about women in sports. As a female rugby player, I have strong opinions on the whole “men are better at sports than women” topic. That statement is powerful, and it had me thinking, why do people feel that way and who are the people that think this?

Last year a big topic in news was the Women’s World Cup. The women’s teams had to play their matches on artificial turf fields opposed to grass fields. This wouldn’t have been a problem if the men were put under the same conditions, but the men’s teams played on grass fields. I read about how women’s sports has less sponsorship and viewers and how people don’t care as much about these high level sports played by women.

This brought me back to the thought that men are better at sports than women. This statement is definite. Yet our society is so diverse, surly not one man is better than every woman in sports. I found out some interesting premises to this conclusion. The first has to do with the human body. Men are equipped with “testosterone, gland secretions, [and] muscles in their upper body rather than fat deposits” that aid in a natural ability to outperform women. This is of course generally speaking.

Another premise is the very basis of sports, how “they [are] geared towards categories like “I can push you further”.” While men are stereotyped to be strong, a woman’s well known qualities include flexibility and agility. Read more from this article here.

Here is a simplified version of this argument.

Premise 1: The male athlete’s body is stronger than the female athlete’s body regarding sports.

Premise 2: Sports are set up on abilities of strength.

Conclusion: Men are better than women in sports.

This argument is factually correct. Its valid. Its sound. Personally, I am not going to ever agree with the conclusion but I do recognize the premise as holding truth.

In response to my two questions at the top, people feel men are better at sports than women because it is advertised that way. Through the availability of sponsorships and televised advents for mens events, society makes it out that men are simply better than women at sports. Sponsors see how viewers react to mens league versus womens league, thus creating the illusion of “better”.


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