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Ah! Female Anatomy!

Premise one: Men and women have chests
Premise two: The chest is not a sexual organ
Premise three: Men are allowed to be shirtless
Conclusion: Therefore, women should be allowed to be shirtless 

In an over sexualized North American society, the idea of females going out in public without a top is inappropriate and ‘wrong.’

A mans chest is merely undeveloped breasts, and have a similar but “unfinished” anatomy as the female chest. Breasts are there for the purpose of providing and feeding an infant, and are not considered a sexual organ – so why must they always be covered? In many places around the world, especially in South America and Africa, women are free to walk around shirtless and they are not treated differently than a shirtless man.

While researching for this paragraph, I began investigating different websites describing the rules and laws on toplessness. A majority of these websites are banned by the district under the category ‘sex.’ What kind of society are we living in, when we can’t even use the internet in our schools to understand why we are being restricted? In the example photo below, I was trying to access a pro-topless website describing our laws around the subject, www.gotopless.org

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.31.50 PM“In Canada, the law on public decency is found in Sections 173 and 174 of the Criminal Code. However, what constitutes an indecent act is not defined, and is open to interpretation by the courts. Topfreedom is allowed in Ontario, Sasketchawen and British Columbia following specific court cases on the matter but the case for topless equality has not been heard by the Canadian Supreme Court yet” (blurb found here but you won’t be able to look at it on SD43 internet)


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