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Increase in price tag = High Quality?


Premise 1: Many high-end items are of high quality.

Premise 2: Many low-end products have poor quality.

Conclusion: Society believes the more expensive a product is then the quality is unquestionably superior.


In today’s competitive market, consumers have many options available to them to choose and purchase from. When making a decision as to which item to purchase considering finance and preference, does society solely consider quality and value or do we really buy ideas that are triggered by psychological influence?

First of all, in some cases quality may vary dependent on the price such as factors like better fit or material. However, the high price tag often attracts people due to the item’s exclusivity. Some wealthy people find it appealing when majority of individuals cannot afford the pieces in their lavish wardrobe. These companies usually create a state of scarcity in the market by only producing a limited amount of a particular design to increase interest. Furthermore, some people avoid low-end items due to the fact that they feel it is immoral to purchase inauthentic items not made by their original designer. Also, our society often prefers not supporting companies that sustain underpaid workers. On the other hand, similar products from different manufacturers may have remarkably distinct price tags. Many high-end companies are using the same Asian manufacturers as smaller companies rather than the advertised Italian or North American.

Premise 1 & 2 both include the word ‘many’, which entails that there is no absolute answer of low or high quality since there are more factors that statement is dependent on. These points may be valid but they are certainly not factual or sound.

Many people are not aware of these deceiving marketing strategies. If we are more aware of these situations by conveying research, the information will usually properly influence our concluding decision concerning a product. It is justifiable to occasionally splurge on items that will be long lasting and useful as long as we are mindful about our choices.

Finally, we should always choose what we wish to buy based on our personal preference rather than pressure by peers and acquaintances. Every person’s choices will be different based on their style, needs and financial state so it is important to respect each other’s selections. Personally, I love shopping but there must always be a balance 🙂


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