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Is Justin Trudeau Anti-Western Canada?

One of the biggest elections of Canadian history has finally ended, with an unexpected winner.

This election has been described as being a gruesome, grueling, and a painful 78 days, the longest election season since the 19th century.

Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal party of Canada, has won the General Elections of 2015, and despite being called unprofessional and too green to be prime minister, he is expected to form a majority government soon. This is a far cries from the 2011 elections, when the Liberals were shrunk down to just 34 seats.

Surprisingly enough, Canadians have seen a Trudeau sitting in the Prime Minister’s seat before. His father, Pierre Trudeau, had been the Prime Minister of Canada back in the 1970s and the 80s, so can we expect the same policies from Justin, that is to say, seemingly anti western Canadian politics?

Why was Pierre Trudeau Anti-Western Canada, I hear you ask? It was a little thing called the NEP, also known as the National Energy Program. In the 70s, the wars in the Middle East and Canadian support of Israel had caused an oil Embargo from OPEC, causing a huge gas shortage and inflation.

Back then, Canada had something called the National Oil Policy, which imposed oil import quotas only west of the Ottawa Valley while allowing free imports east of it. The result of OPEC’s embargo meant that Western Canada, which did not support Trudeau’s party, could enjoy lower prices compared to Eastern Canada, where Trudeau’s support base was.The situation was unacceptable for the Liberals, since that meant the people who voted for them would have ended up paying much higher fuel prices than those who voted against them.

NEP allowed the government to control the gas prices of the entirety of Canada, and forced the west to subsidize for the east.


This infuriated the Western Canadians, especially Albertans. Mr. Trudeau’s answer?

Why, a good third finger salute. And judging by the 2015 election polls, Albertans haven’t forgotten about it.2015-FederalElection








(It seems to me that thesedays, elections are won by fancy hair. Who’s next in line? Trump?)

Now, Justin has not yet given the Western Canadians a middle finger salute yet, but he has made some suspicious comments.

According to Mr.Trudeau, he has often criticized Alberta for control of the oil sands, and had stated for Quebec biased policies.

For example, look at these articles and you will see that Justin has had a fair few accidents talking to media outlets.

So let’s take a short while to look at his policies:

“Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn’t work,” he told a French television interviewer. Asked if Canada would be better served with more Quebecers than Albertans in power in Ottawa, Trudeau smiled and added, “I’m a Liberal, so of course I believe that.”

“we have 24 senators from Quebec and there are just six from Alberta and six from British Columbia. That’s to our advantage.”

According to those statements, we can garner this:

#1: Justin considers Quebec to be his home province and he wants more advantages for it.

#2: He is against Alberta’s control of the oil sands and the other western Canadian provinces holding power.

Therefore, it can assumed that Trudeau will increase or maintain power of Quebec while reducing or maintaining the unrepresentative status quo of Canada.

To be partial, the comments were made 2 years ago, and he has since rescinded from his comments. However, it can not be overlooked either.

Whether you love him  or not, Justin is here to stay for a while.


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