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Miley Cyrus and The Wolf Cull

After Miley Cyrus’s surprise visit to Vancouver in September, the pop princess witnessed BC’s wilderness on a wildlife tour. She then became determined to stop the BC Wolf Cull. Using the information she obtained from environmentalists, she used her fans by asking them to sign Pacific Wild’s petition to end the wolf cull.

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According to Ian McAllister, the director of Pacific Wild, killing wolves to save caribou will not help the endangered caribou population from going extinct. The cause of the endangerment appears to be linked to human activities such as snowmobiling. Christy Clark responded by telling Cyrus that she has no reason to interfere with BC’s politics and environmental plans, as well as slut shaming the well known singer.

Miley Cyrus’s argument to bring closure to the wolf cull can be separated into the following premises and conclusion:

Premise 1: The BC government believe that wolves are the blame for the endangerment of the caribou

Premise 2: The endangerment of the caribou is due to the impact of humans

Premise 3: The wolves are also being killed due to human impact.

Conclusion: Therefore the government is killing BC wildlife for no beneficial reason.

The soundness Cyrus’s argument is comprehendible when we begin to understand the premises.

Premise 1: Wolves in BC are the most predominate predators towards caribou, therefore the government has something else to blame for their mismanagement of the caribou as well as justification for their actions. This can be acknowledged as true.

Premise 2: The effects of humans on the caribou population are easy to challenge given that there are many contributing factors to the decrease in population such as climate, predators and the loss of habitat. While the wolf is one predator of the caribou, humans may be considered a larger predator to various species of wildlife according to environmentalists. Due to man-made logging roads and the process of logging have been main causes of habitat loss for the endangered caribou.

Premise 3: It is clear that by culling wolves is a direct impact on the wolf population.

The form of this logical argument believed by Miley Cyrus and her environmentalist pals may be valid and also have true premises. This results in a sound argument.

When I first decided to address the logistics of the Wolf Cull, I thought that I would side with the BC

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government; considering Miley Cyrus isn’t necessarily a positive influence on society, but as I discovered more about the wolf cull, I began to realize that Cyrus has a point. Instead of intervening in the endangerment of caribou, the BC government seemed to have waited until the last moment to do anything about it; implementing a 5 year plan to try to control the population problem so that they appear to be doing something. In reality, the government is not legitimately doing anything but killing beautiful BC wildlife. It took the humiliation of being called out by Miley Cyrus for them to fully address the reality of the situation.


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