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Crap Donald Trump Says – Arden

Lets be honest here, Donald Trump is one interesting character. That is the nicest I can be when trying to describe Donald Trump. He has never felt a need for what he calls “political correctness” but others may say is just human decency.

Back in 2014 Trump was being interviewed for about the Miss USA pageant and has been quoted in a clip featured in ‘Last Week Tonight’ (the video is quite long so the part with Donald Trump is approximately 5 minutes in) saying to the female reporter:

“I mean, we could say politically correct that look doesn’t matter, but the look obviously matters, like you wouldn’t have your job if you weren’t beautiful.”

This comment is implying that this female reporter was basing her career on her looks and not her competency to do the job. This article can be broken down into an argument with premises and a conclusion as follows:

Premise 1: When going in for a job interview people typically want to show off their good features, traits and characteristics

Premise 2: Physical appearance or looks are a characteristic

Premise 3: Women’s looks are more important than their ability to do a job

Conclusion: Therefore women are hired for their looks more than any other characteristic or feature.

By evaluating this argument for factual correctness, validity, we can determine the soundness of the statement:

  • Premise 1 can easily be determined as factually correct
  • Premise 2 is defined as factually correct
  • Premise 3 can be determined as factually incorrect

I would consider the conclusion as factually incorrect but, there is no way to prove or disprove this at this point. Overall the argument is factually incorrect because not all the premises are factually correct some can not be determined and some are incorrect. This argument is not factually correct but it is valid. Because this argument is valid but not factually correct it can not be considered a sound argument.

Donald Trump has a history of insulting almost everyone ever. He claims he loves women but has probably insulted hundreds of women throughout his career. He once said that by putting both men and women in the army together, sexual assault was to be expected and that is what these women signed up for. I’m going to leave that topic because if I go into that anymore I will start on a rant that wouldn’t be school appropriate.

In his book Donald trump once referred to women as inanimate objects, In his book Trump 101: Ways to Success he said:

“Beauty and elegance, whether in a woman, a building, or a work of art is not just superficial or something pretty to see”

Overall Donald Trump’s argument was not sound, but I have a hard time believing he ever has any sound arguments, but that is a topic for another day.

-Arden Nelson


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