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Did Juno she was gay?

Sadly, I understand why homosexuality is such a controversial topic in our society due to decades of unnecessary animosity but it upsets me that the rejection and denial from previous generations still impact our own generation with the same degrading views. Many of my peers and co-workers are very accepting to these modern views.

Thank god.


Premise 1: Dana only likes girls.

Premise 2: Dana has a girlfriend.

Conclusion:  Therefore, Dana is a homosexual.

This being an example of a simple logical statement with it’s two true premises and sound conclusion that it concludes it’s a valid statement.

In some cases it could be argued if one was to question the certain sexuality that ‘Dana’ identifies with, though if you understand ‘only likes girls’ as the description of homosexuality, it could be correct as well. Some sites online share different sexuality description’s and what it means to be Skoliosexual or LGBPTTQQIIAA+.

But to break it down,

The 1st Premise states Dana only likes girls, which is a blunt, simple, and very true fact.

The 2nd Premise states Dana has a girlfriend, which is also true in the present time.

The conclusion queerly states that Dana is a homosexual. The true definition of homosexuality is the sexual attraction of the same sex, but for all we know she could identify herself as bisexual, pansexual, ect.

Stating those factual premises and a queer conclusion, the statements can be argued over specifics and other possible conclusions but as we infer from these simple sentences we can only assume the most basic situation until given further evidence of greater possibilities and conclusions.


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