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Student Debt Will Slowly Kill You!!!!!!!!!

With university slowly approaching this is one topic we must all unfortunately start thinking about. The article: Tuition Hikes Lead to A Large Amount of Student Debt, basically describes how since 1978 the student tuition (at least in the US) has been raised by 1,120% causing students to be forced to take out student loans to pay for those raised prices. It continues to talk about how students aren’t able to take out other loans in the future such as mortgages and other important loans because they are still busy paying off the loans they took out, to get an education, to get their job they needed to support them and their families.

Premise 1: Students tuition is too high for an average student to afford.

Premise 2: Most of the average students have to take out a loan to afford student tuition.

Premise 3: Entry level jobs do not pay enough to pay off these student loans while budgeting for daily living.

Conclusion: Student loans leave you in debt for a long period of time and are hard to pay.

I believe premise 1 is very true because as you read above the prices have raised by 1,120%!!! Therefore, factually correct.

Premise 2 is also very true because as the article states, 60% of students are having to take out student loans. Therefore, factually correct.

Premise 3 is true as well because the article states 25% of people in the workforce still have student loans. Therefore, factually correct.

I believe this argument is valid and factually correct. Therefore, making it a sound argument.


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