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Fat Americans

Rather, the main reason we’re getting fatter — all of us — is because we are surrounded by tasty temptations that cost very little, from fast food menus to processed snack foods, said the study’s lead author, Roland Sturm, a senior economist at the RAND Corporation and a professor of policy analysis at the Pardee RAND Graduate School.

Up till now, researchers have focused on group differences: between rich and poor, between those who live states like Colorado and Mississippi, or between blacks and whites, Sturm said.

Sturm reviewed the all the available research for a study published in CA: Cancer Journal for Clinicians and concluded that everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity or socio-economic status, is gaining weight at about the same rate. His graphs clearly show parallel tracks of increasing flab among all groups.

“If we want to solve the obesity problem, we have to figure out what has changed for everybody,” Sturm said. “And the thing that pops out is our food environment. That’s where the action is. And it’s not just that food is now cheap relative to income it’s also that it’s so much more convenient.”

Sturm may have offered up a new target, but he doesn’t have a silver bullet to aim at it. He suggests small tweaks to prod people to make changes. For example, taxes on unhealthy food choices.

“An economic incentive allows us to nudge people in the right direction,” he said. “It might be enough to start changing social norms. In half a decade smoking changed dramatically. Though we can’t say that’s all because of taxes and indoor smoking limits, those tweaks probably helped.”


Premise1-Most Americans buy junk food regularly because healthy food is expensiveWhy-America-is-fat

Premise 2-Most researchers agree that such eating habits cause obesity

Conclusion-Therefore putting a tax on unhealthy foods will probably help

Premise number one is easily thought of as true because I think we can all agree that healthier food for example organic food is more expensive than a box of cookies. Money is always an issue for most people and that factor causes us to pay for the lower priced foods. (factually correct)

Premise two is harder to prove to be true but some p
eople have really high metabolisms and can eat anything and not get fat. I believe that eating such habits would make you unhealthy and not fit instead of saying your obese. So I agree that “most researchers agreeing” is true because of the reason I listed above.  (Factually correct) (cant tell)

In this article they talked about how much smoking has changed in half a decade because of the tax and limits put on it. Its not proven that, that helped but “those tweaks probably helped”. So with those facts he believes that if we raise the prices of junk food or put a tax on junk food, it will nudge people into the right direction to buying healthier food. I believe that with this tax we will also be able to lower the prices of healthy food.


The point to this argument is to make people aware of the rising obesity rates happening, especially in America which is constantly being made fun of for there larger weighed human population. This article brings attention to what we can do to help lower the obesity rate and tells us that no matter ethnicity or economic background the rate has risen. This article brings awareness to that its the food environment causes such high rates because it is way more convenient to buy a pre made dinner instead of cooking from scratch and the prices of healthier food have sky rocketed. Now a days if you want nice food you have to be 10,000 dollar bananas from Whole Foods. 


One Response to Fat Americans

  1. bryanjack says:

    Hi Brie,
    While it may follow somewhat from your premises, your conclusion makes a leap not entirely implied from the introduction to your argument. What do you think is missing from the equation, and would help connect the imbalance of the costs of healthy vs. unhealthy foods to placing a tax on foods that are bad for us?
    Mr. J


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