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Ever get confused between football and “football”(soccer) well your going to have to deal with it. Soccer or football was invented in the mid 19th century by an Englishman. He called it football because it’s played with your feet and a ball, mean while in the United States an average American(not vary smart) decided to call a game that you play with your hands football. Now in the 20th century the original football is called soccer and the game you play with your hands and an egg is called football. This is not vary logical. When the sport frist came to North America in 1885 the sport was called Association Football. After the second world war the sport was being called soccer. I think that this might of happend because the NFL (american football) was growing and gaining more popularity. this made the english upset about Americans calling the game “soccer” is because it comes across as arrogant for a country that has no real history in the sport to call it a new name.

Premis 1: football is not played with feet.
Premis 2: soccer is played with the feet.
Conclusion: soccer is not football?

Im my frist premis i talked about how 2oth centery football is not played with your feet to me this seems vary unlogical, because your calling a sport that dosent envolve feet football. thats not right at all. it almost seems to me that the people that came up with this name “football” were drunk at the time.

My second premis is soccer is played with feet.

In conclusion is that soccer is not football. I dont get why they just dont call it football, its played with a ball and your feet so just call it football. but they much rater call a game that you play with your hand and an “egg” football. it makes no sense.




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