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Knit fast, die warm (aka Nikki Salindong; walking contradiction)

Argument 1:

Premise 1: Grandmothers knit.

Premise 2: Nikki knits.

Premise 3: Knitting is a dorky hobby to have for anyone under the age of 50.

Conclusion: Nikki is in fact a dorky grandmother who knits.


Argument 2:

Premise 1: People who identify with an alternative lifestyle have piercings.

Premise 2: Nikki has piercings.

Conclusion: Nikki must identify with an alternative lifestyle.

While the first one is not factually correct due to the near impossibility of me being a grandmother at 17, all the rest ring in at factually correct, valid and sound.

Knitting is seen as a dorky hobby. I could spend hours lecturing you on the very very incredible difference between acrylic wools and merino wool; but that would seem incredibly boring to most. I have happily identified myself as a part of this new age of movement for young adults (primarily women but not limited to). This wave of alternative women who are reclaiming the stereotypical feminine hobbies and turning them into their own way of self expression, is very very refreshing. As someone who does have facial piercings and will be getting tattoos, everything about me carries a more of a negative connotation in societal norms. You’re taught from a young age that only ruffians or hooligans have tattoos. People who have piercings and freaks and should be avoided from all costs. Image is such a huge part of our society and it pervades every single facet of our life. Dress codes, fashion magazines, TV, movies, everything has to do with an image. Everyone is so quick to assume something (the conclusion) based upon one thing that they can base off of their appearance (ie premise). You have got to factor in all these variables to what makes a person a person.

I am in fact a huge wimp despite playing rugby and enjoying TV wrestling. My huge 6 ft, 200 pound boyfriend loves to cross stitch even if he looks like an off duty bouncer most of the time. Obama in fact loves the young-in’s dank memes. This world is full of contradictions. We need to flip the metaphorical table on stereotypes and tell the world it’s not okay to put is in a box and define us with labels. As a dorky, knit loving, TV wrestling junkie who loves pugs, I am proud to be a walking contradiction. That’s why we have logic and arguments. We need to butt heads and figure out the world around us. Logic brings us to the place of tangibility while creativity and open thinking raises us further. Logic can bring us to great and brilliant breakthroughs. It’s a very important part of life, and even if I am not good at it, I understand its merits.

TL;DR: shitty hipster loves knitting is a granny on the inside. Logic is important but what is really important is the creativity inside us all.


If you love knitting and don’t want to feel alone:




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