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F*** The Police?.. Nahhh. We need them

Many teens these days always say the term “F*** the police” and they truly believe in it. They believe that all police officers are either dirty, racist or have this goal of completely ruining them. The police are meant to enforce the law and to protect people from being harmed, all while protecting themselves. They are taught to use force if they are in danger. The police go to work everyday knowing that there are people who love and appreciate what they do and that there are people who hate them and want them gone or dead. Sometimes they are put in a difficult position and are forced to make an impossible decision in a split second.
Many people think that the police are useless and that we don’t need them. They are wrong. Without the police it would be chaos. There would be no one enforcing the law, which would lead to crimes being committed left and right. The police’s presence makes people feel safe knowing somebody is there if someone tried to rob you or kidnap you or assault you.

Something some people don’t realize is that when they’re house is being robbed, the first thing they do is call the police… THE POLICE… The same people they were saying that they didn’t need.

I understand that many people hate cops because of what some of them do. And yes, some of what some cops do is bizarre and sometimes uncalled for, but you have to understand that they make very difficult decisions on the spot. They don’t have any time to step back and analyze the situation and think about every possible outcome and different ways of handling it.

An example of a cop having to make a split second decision is when a police officer responded to a house being robbed. The police officer arrives at the scene and jumps the gate when a rottweiler ran at him barking. The police officer pulled his gun and shot the dog to protect himself. The robbery call ended up being a false alarm and the owner of the dog was furious. I believe that the dog was chained to the house but it was a long chain to allow him some freedom. The police officer made a split second decision as he believed that he was in danger. I believe he mad the right call. He was protecting himself from a dog that could have seriously hurt him. The police department investigated and cleared the officer.

Premise 1: Without the police there would be no one to enforce the law.
Premise 2: There would be no one there to stop someone from robbing you.
Premise 3: There would be chaos.
Conclusion: We need the police to keep us safe and keep things under control.



One Response to F*** The Police?.. Nahhh. We need them

  1. Samson says:

    When talking about police as a force we need, it’s important to understand why there has been so much backlash against police as of recent. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/police-shootings/ Consider something like this.
    No force should be federally funded in any country that kills that many people, not now and not ever. It does not matter what they did, or why they did it. What matters is that an institution that is funded by civilians is killing civilians at an absolutely ridiculous rate, when they should be both trained and capable of deescalating the situation. And yes, this applies to dogs too! If a police officer feels their life is in danger because of a dog, and feels the need to shoot that dog out of fear, then that police officer is not in a place to safely protect others and should not be given the gun. It is not a job for the trigger happy, but we’ve come to expect a police officer’s first instinct to be reaching for their guns.
    Also, fun fact, did you know in the US a police officer can seize property and items even when a citizen is not convicted of a crime? It’s called “asset forfeiture,” and it’s designed so that authorities can seize items from those they believe to be suspicious, like drug lords. But, if it turns out that the person in question is innocent, it’s pretty much legal robbery. The same law exists in Canada, but it’s a lot more refined and you actually have to be guilty of something before they can seize property and items.

    What I’m saying is, with all the corruption and violence present in the police force, specifically in the US (and to a certain point, Canada also,) it really is not true that they are at all a useful institution as they are now, even if the idea of armed law enforcement might let some rest easy at night.
    Although, if you need people with guns to protect you, isn’t that proof that we’re already in chaos?

    Also, come on. “The police department investigated and cleared the officer.”


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