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Religions, Contradictions, Ignorance, Hypocrisy.

In the modern world, where we have the internet, satellites, aircraft, smart phones and ICBMs, it is said that around 84% of the human race has one kind of religion or other. In a world where we can see the obvious faults and cracks of religion, most of the world still believes in a mythical sky patriarch who hates homosexuals and mixed clothing. Religion has and continues to play a huge part in politics, society, and even in our daily lives. Most of the so called religious do not even know what is written inside their holy books; and yet when you criticize their religion they will lash out at you.

How have religions survived into the modern era? There are nearly endless amounts of flaws evident in religions, from child molestation to downright religious massacres, and yet, nothing changes. Religions have seemingly become so natural to our daily lives that we care not for what it is. It has become a tradition, a force of social pressure. Religion has become entwined with culture, and as the world develops, it is finding it difficult to separate itself. Studies and reports have and continue to show that religion is not what it claims to be and yet, religious people will glance over them, minimize the faults and eventually ignore it. If we were to look at religions in a calm, logical manner, it is obvious that it is false, yet we believe to fill in the gaps of our knowledge, gaps which have been created out of ignorance and stupidity.

Even if there was no contradictions and hypocrisy, which one is right? Is Islam the one true religion? Christianity? Judaism? Sikhs? Hindus? Buddhists? We’ve flown through skies, we’ve dug deeper than we could have possibly imagined. Where is evidence of anything? Where is heaven and hell, and how do they work? Holy books change all the time, how do they work? Religions have always and will break it’s own rules.  

In the modern era we live in, faith and belief should not overcome fact. That is a fact.



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  1. vanessaf says:

    As I can tell from this post, you can see major “faults” in religions. Could you please explain in more detail how the metaphysical ideas (the actual way of viewing reality through religion) affect lives? I understand your feelings on organized religion, but could you explore the ideas of the how the different views actually explain and explore what reality is.


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