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Are we really Free?

Definition of “Free”: “Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes.”

Our society has given the impression that we are all free. Free to do as we please, Free to be anything, Free to excel in anything. In some cases it’s a right to have as a being, while in other cases it can lead into a horrible situations of what humans are capable of. Freedom comes with a price of unknowingly believing it’s a bundle with safety.
We all have the potential to kill one another, we all have the potential to deceive, to lie, to cheat, to be greedy, we have the potential of impacting each other to death.
Yet we don’t.

In this article its brought up that we are free in certain aspects only because we have given up some rights in freedoms due to “Our apathy, laziness and happy compliance with the pro-Corporate State
programming in which we’ve been immersed has taken a great toll.” 
 Some examples of these ‘rights’ that have been taken away from us are Home ownership (When
really its the states/country’s land) and Personal Privacy (Nothing is private anymore). This article I believe is only one’s interpretation of the question ‘are we really free?’, but the author Scott Buss does make some good points.

“We have the police, laws,

the justice system,

and people to help us.

One could gain the trust and cooperation

as long as they follow these few rules.

Some may say that following rules makes us not truly free, yet I believe the decision whether to follow these rules gives us the independence to be free. When one lives under a country’s law, they are free to do as they please under circumstances they’ve set. That is one perception of freedom to a civilian.

Another perception is not following rules. Our free will can take us anywhere at anytime under logical reasoning. Whether we follow a set of regulations or defy them, we are capable of truly acting free against society’s deceiving presentation of ‘freedom’.

We are capable of making our own decisions and that laws and regulations are really just guidelines to an easier lifestyle of peace and community. To choose against society is a crime that will only affect you by consequences, though it cannot change the fact you freely did as you pleased, whatever the crime may have been.

Why do you follow society’s ‘guidelines’?


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