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Do I have free will or is everything fate?

Since the ancient Greek Hellenistic period, the concepts of fate and destiny existed with groups such as the Stoics and the Epicureans. The Stoics believed that human decisions and actions were predetermined for you. Ultimately everything went according to a specific plan devised by a god, and despite our free will to make choices of our own, we are somehow all living in a part of the universal network of fate.  The Epicureans however, disagreed and did not believe in fate. They believed all actions were voluntary as long as they were rational.  According to Greek and Roman mythology, “there were three goddesses who preside the birth and life of humans. Each person’s destiny was thought of as a thread spun, measured, and cut by the three Fates, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos”


While some people believe fate is the inevitable factor on how our lives are shaped, some believe we are the ultimate dictators of our own fate. In this article, it is said we use fate to undermine personal responsibility. That when things don’t go our way, or something undesirable happens, we turn to fate to seek comfort to help us cope. With that being said, is it possible that the concept of a predetermined fate could all be psychological? In another article, the author writes,

The more people believe in fate, that they have no choice, that all is determined by decisions or actions that have been made by some greater power, or by past actions that cannot be escaped, the more they limit themselves . When people believe absolutely in free will, that they are free to create whatever they want or do whatever they want, they deny the reality that they can’t do whatever they want. There are conditions that realistically one cannot escape, that one has to take into account, within oneself, and in the world. Either a yes or a no to this question is a limited point of view. A yes and a no is difficult to understand and yet opens the doorway into deeper and deeper Awareness – Awareness that one has choice about how one responds to the causes and conditions out of which one has arisen.

The possibility that Fate is all in our heads is very possible. Like the paragraph above, it states that when people believe in absolute free will, they’re not limited to the choices and decisions they can make. When you’re living in the constant idea that fate is controlling your life and a higher power is making decisions for you, you will always be thinking in the back of your mind what the right choice will be rather than the one you desire.  Ultimately living a life without free will.

The reason I found interest in this topic, was because I think it’s relevant to our lives now.  We’re all growing up, and having to make choices for ourselves, and whether we choose to let the idea of fate kick in or deny it, it will ultimately be up to us to decide where we end up.  So with that being said, do you believe in free will or fate?

The video I have attached below, explains the concept of Predestination/Fate and how it can be interpreted.



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