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Freedom – is it a thing?

Our whole lives we’re brought up with numerous levels of rules that our parents, households, cities, provinces and countries have set for us to live by. They construct our morals and our lifestyles are built around them so that we never break or disrespect them.

The Oxford Dictionary definition of freedom is:


Line breaks: free|dom

Pronunciation: /ˈfriːdəm/ 

The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants

but aren’t we constantly being controlled by some external source like the government or even our parents? In this case, is freedom a true aspect of our society or is it merely something with believe to have, but really don’t?





If I were a murderer, and was in the mood to kill someone, am I free to do so? No. Because there are laws to protect people from what some (though hopefully few) people see as their personal freedom. I can only speak my mind as long as it doesn’t discriminate against any individual. We have some ‘freedoms’, but most can’t even be considered ‘freedoms’ because they are still confined by certain rules and restrictions.

According to Mr. Milliard, if we had no restrictions and were given absolute freedom, society would not be society. The world would be entirely uncivil and basically chaos. In most cases, the rules that apply to our every day life give us the illusion of safety; even though there are many that disobey and create an “unsafe” environment.

Though everyones interpretation of unsafe is different, I think we can all agree we’d feel pretty unsafe if there was an endless amount of murderers walking past us on the street with no possibility of conviction due to lack of law/restriction, which is why we have laws and our governments. Though I can understand this restriction, what I don’t exactly comprehend is how people can believe we, as a being, are free, when we cannot even speak out minds without harsh consequences.


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