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What is the purpose of life?

What is the purpose of life and what influences our purpose in life are my two predominate questions I have regarding the purpose of life. As I talked about in my previous blog post, the purpose of human life seems to motivate our actions and push us to develop ourselves.

The ideology that I connect with the most can be summarized by subjectivism. Subjectivism states that meaning varies from person to person and relies on ones mental state. This ideology sheds light on my topic by allowing for individuals to be able to feel as if they have a greater purpose than reproduction. Some philosophers, such as Frankfurt, believed that loosing oneself initiative the our intuition to find purpose and that through our life experiences we are able to develop our own sense of purpose. The basic idea of subjectivism is straight forward and easy to follow, but just as with all philosophical things, the harder you thin about something, the more complicated it becomes.

This new material on subjectivism relation to human purpose in life both confuses and helps me understand the purpose of life. On one hand, stating that we are able to create our own purpose of life makes sense and appears to be straight forward. But there is much more to loosing oneself in order to find purpose. The objections to subjectivism’s theories also make sense, forming a cloud of confusion. How can one find purpose in being lost when purpose gives you a sense of direction? Ethics and religion also play a very important role in subjectivism creating objective means in some cases. Regardless, there is no way to easily understand the purpose of life.

I think the video bellow effectively summarizes the subjectivity of the purpose of life:

Other questions I have established regarding the purpose of human life are:

  • Does purpose evolve as an individual evolves?
  • Are there permanent factors that influence our purpose?
  • What defines being ‘lost’ and is it a static definition?

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