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Knowledge & Information

To begin, allow me to explain my definition of Knowledge and Information.

Knowledge is the information perceived and interpreted by any living creature. All living beings have one or another way of doing things. For example, by reading this, you are collecting information about this very subject, therefore you are obtaining information and turning it into your own knowledge. Information is anything that can be perceived and interpreted. Information is stored in all beings. Information by itself cannot be knowledge. Information can be seen as raw materials, while knowledge can be seen as being processed information.

Premise 1:

All living beings contain knowledge, which they have learned from other beings with knowledge or information.

Premise 2:

All objects, animate or inanimate, contain information, and all knowledge is obtained from information.


Information, stored in objects, are the source of knowledge, and knowledge is within all living beings.

Living beings all do something. It can be as complex as building a spacecraft to as simple as propagating. Some beings are born with knowledge, such as birds, for they inherit the information of their parents. Knowledge can also be garnered by observing other beings with knowledge. When an instructor teaches his or her students, the students are observing the knowledge the instructor has. This can be seen as a transfer of information, since the teacher and students won’t perceive it identically. This is the critical difference in information and knowledge, for there is only one kind of information, but there are multiple if not infinite ways of perceiving knowledge.

Information is everywhere and anywhere. Information makes up the perceived universe. Information by itself is not particularly useful, for it cannot work on its own. It would be trying to fuel a car with raw unprocessed fuel or coal.Some information is beyond perception by living beings.

Knowledge may come from other knowledgeable beings, received at birth, or learnt from a source of information, but the conception of that knowledge all come from information, not from another being. However, knowledge can be changed in such a manner that the original source of knowledge may be completely different.

In conclusion, information is the foundation of all things,and living beings operate out of the knowledge they have garnered. There cannot be a living being without knowledge, and there is nothing without information within them.


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