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We are the Same

 Our intelligence is in a constant cycle of gathering information and being tested on what we know. We are told that we must know certain things in order to succeed. Some struggle to grasp the ideas while others understand yet our intelligence, what we know, is all the same. What we know, we pass to others like a family heirloom is passed down through the generations. In schools, we are taught the same things and our parents and the people around us taught us how to act in social situations.

We are taught the same things.

We are continuing to grow our knowledge and pass it on to others who now have that same knowledge.

Therefore, our knowledge and what we know is the same.

The human brain is something that baffles us. We do not fully understand how our own mind works. Full of firing neurones that tell our bodies how to function physically and mentally as well as emotionally, it is the ideal of intelligent. We are not animals because we have understood how to use our knowledge and advance ourselves and our society. We are constantly trying to understand what makes us human.

To make a human out of a machine is a goal that drives inventors and scientists. The transfer of human knowledge into a machine shows that intelligence is the same. Though it has been programmable, the knowledge is still the same as ours. Possibly, what machines cannot do that we can, is decide what we do with that knowledge. We all have it, but we have the choice to decide what we want. We consciously choose to pursue what we want, to do things.

Being conscious is being aware. It’s being aware of what we know and what we do. Is a machine conscious if it is aware of the knowledge it has and what it does with it? Perhaps if it hasn’t been programmed to act a certain way.

We can copy our intelligence and put it into a machine, almost like how in schools the knowledge gained over the years is taught to us and we consciously choose what to do with that knowledge. We all know basic math, writing and reading skills. Some might pursue writing while others pursue math but when you break it down, it is all the same. Even if it is artificial.

Intelligence is something that could have many definitions. Going back to the machine example, we think that machines could never be human because they do not have the emotional intelligence that we humans have. Emotional intelligence is being able to read a situation and react to it appropriately. We feel things and understand them such as knowing when we are happy or sad. This is why the Turing Test is valuable in testing machines for emotional intelligence. (x) (x)

Another form of intelligence would be academically smart, knowing how to answer equations and solve problems. The belief that someone who is more academically intelligent is not as emotionally smart goes against my idea. I believe that even if someone looks at things more logically, they still have the basic emotional intelligence that makes them equal to others no matter what a test score might say.

Knowledge is the facts and bits of information that we know. Intelligence is more how we use the knowledge we have, including thoughts, ideas, and actions, etc.

Every day, we pass knowledge that we know to someone else, and we gain knowledge in some form or another. We have gathered knowledge over the course of our existence and passed it on, teaching every person the same basic things, making our intelligence equal. The same. However to say that intelligence is equal is to give it an amount and since we cannot understand our brain, we cannot give it a definite number.

Our lives are full of judgement based on what we know. I believe other wise, that our intelligence is the same. We are aware of our minds and our intelligence which makes us conscious. We model our minds in machines since we see them as the highest level of intelligence. We are all capable of thought, abstract or not. We all have the same basic knowledge such as allowing us to function in society in academic or emotional situations.

Our knowledge is the same. Our intelligence may differ in that we consciously make choices in our lives with what we do with that knowledge but we are all the same in the end. Our knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, sometimes changing or staying the same. We should not judge based on knowledge.




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