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Making puns because it is such a rewording experience.

After the state of primal instincts, we absorb knowledge by experiences and influences. Foundational knowledge like surviving, communicating, and natural body functions are all things we are supposed to be born with, though in some cases due to genetic data developing differently, this fact may vary. At every moment after we are born, we experience influences from people and events that progress us to become who we will be in the future. Everything that occurs to us or our environments builds our morals and perception of everything from our foundation knowledge.

Premise 1: Instincts are an inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species.

Premise 2: Primal means first or original.

Premise 3: Everything after birth is an experience.

Premise 4: All experiences is absorbed as information for future actions and/or decisions.

Conclusion: Therefor, primal knowledge is the foundation for knowledge based on experiences. 

To take an example, a video down below presents the obvious fact that many can ride a bike. We have knowledge on how to ride a bike from a pattern of the same experience, using the primal knowledge of basic motor skills as the tool for this new found movement that delivers us to our destination more effectively. This experiment however has many subjects puzzled due to their inexperience riding a bike with it’s handle bars steering reversed. This slight changed has proven that having practice this experience various times only to try the same experience with an adjustment to it’s previously known knowledge affects whether we can change what we already know.

Though, proven above, knowledge can be learned and unlearned through more experience but can only handle one type of information at a time. This is something that I’ve personally learned and enjoyed watching as it got me thinking that understanding a certain experience doesn’t make it the only knowledge to know.


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