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(Final) What is philosophy?

I walked into this class with little knowledge regarding philosophy and the many philosophers studied within the course. I had a semester filled with the stress of three other academic courses but it was a nice escape to have an hour to listen to different theories and ideologies. I have always had many questions about the world. Even though this class many not have answered every question and I may have had different views on certain topics, I was still happy with the amount of new information I had received. My thoughts on philosophy remain basically the same, mentioned in my original post.

Philosophy isn’t necessary for survival, but it remains beautiful like art and things that make us feel content. Curiosity gives us reason to continue living and discovering. This curiosity is existent about visiting new places, meeting new people and/or learning about new ideas. They all add meaning to our life whether you believe our world is a reality or an illusion, it makes us feel different emotions, that’s what is important (in my personal opinion lol)


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